If any of you have every watched the TV series from 1995 called the ‘Nowhere Man ’, it explores the mind of a man whose life is turned upside down as a mass conspiracy concerning his life begins to unfold. Everything he thought he knew is ripped out from under him and ‘they’ start to psychologically mess with his mind to get him to question his own reality. As you journey with him you start to relate with him and you think –‘Trust no one. They’re all in on it!’

It’s reminiscent of being new to the truth. We can all remember that day vividly when the course of our life changed. When we found out who we were as a nation and that everything we thought we knew about our faith and this world was one big illusion and conspirator lie! Immediate isolation hits, as your eyes are opened and yet everyone else you encounter is still in deep slumber.

Initial Reactions

puzzleFor some, you take in the information and put all the jigsaw pieces in place and you get a sense of peace because you knew something wasn’t right with the world and the truth has finally set things straight. For others you need a time out from life to process this all, you look at the video you watched or the person who revealed it to you with a sceptical brow and squinted eyes  thinking , ‘No way will I be lied to again, I need to make sure this is the real deal!’

Patience and Timing

patienceWhichever way you react to it, it all needs some level of adjustment and coping mechanisms. You might want to tell every single person you know about what you discovered, but think about this, you were primed in advance by the Father to cope with the bombshell that was dropped on you. So not everyone is going to be ready because you want them to be, nor will they all see what you see instantaneously. Don’t force this truth on anyone, it speaks for itself. So try not to get discouraged, we have all been there. It’s not only about speaking the truth but knowing when to say it, because no matter how true it is, if it is not a word in season it will not be as well received.

Choose your bait

baitYou need to be cunning as a serpent and harmless as a dove, know who you’re talking to and what their bait is. Relate to them on their level, show them the conspiracy in something they are passionate about then bring it full circle gradually depending on their interest.



You want to drop everything!

flightSome want to quit their job immediately, quit college a week before finals, hop on a plane quickly out of dodge, but take a moment. Understand that we all encounter the end of the world daily, because you never know what hour or day the Father will require your life. So your primary focus should be preparing spiritually, getting baptised, following the laws in the spirit of Christ, praying and asking for guidance on your next steps to physically obey what has been revealed to you. So be patient and wait for an opportunity for the way forward to be shown to you.

The breakdown

breakdownIt happens with many of us, the fullness of the conspiracies, lies and the desolate state of our people hits you. You also feel the weight of the sin of your foreparents who grieved the Most High by their spiritual fornication and you confess their faults and yours and that of the nation and breakdown in tears out of heavy sorrow. Remember, this was the constant state of the prophets from Ezra to Jeremiah, they all put on sack cloth and ashes and lamented over the sin and condition of their people.  You might also feel anger or outrage towards your persecutors and to those being used by satan to control this world. It is important to realise that our sin led us to this point and only by returning to the Father can we be restored and find peace.

Isolation and people thinking screws are lose

isolationYou’ve now told all the people you know about this conspiracy, you’ve had everyone give you the crazy looks, they’re starting to think you have mental issues, like the preacher types we all grew up seeing on the street warning that the end was here! They’re thinking …‘Aha this is how it all starts then’. Don’t question your sanity, hold tight to the seed that was first sown in you and fight to let it germinate grow and give fruit. You’re not crazy!

How to cope and where your focus should be

studyYou first need to build yourself up spiritually. Throw yourself into the bible, classes and communion with likeminded people. We were not created to be isolated so don’t start now. It’s all about building your foundation and making sure it’s built on rock because you need to prepare yourself for the challenges that Satan will bring to try to rob you of what was sown. So guard it diligently, try not to get too caught up in YouTube commentary with naysayers, and precept battles with people on Facebook and social media, and try to stay focused on the teachings where you first learned this truth to build yourself in sound doctrine. This page is a good place to start on the website. You could’ve watched all the videos and seek more; more new knowledge or understanding, but do you understand the basic principles of Christ that are the pre-requisite to making it? You may be looking for the next Hebrew book outside bible but do you understand and know the 66 contained in the bible? The Academy helps systematically deprogram all the lies and replace it with truth and provides you with a chronology of our history and scripture. You’re a new born in the truth,  a sponge and that’s ok but always link it back to what you would expect from a new baby. Take baby steps. You could be trying to run before you can crawl and you  can become discouraged when adversity hits you.


raceThis is a long distance marathon and not a sprint. We all want to endure till the end to make it into the kingdom but it’s not an easy road, temptation will be strong after baptism, not seeing prophecy fulfilled in ‘your time frame’ may have you questioning but remember our foreparents and how they prophesied back then 100s of years before the judgement came. As stated earlier, the end of the world in death could happen at any time, so endure and stay on the road and don’t turn back like Lot’s wife.

So everything you are feeling, we have all gone through, think of it as teething pain; necessary and it may hurt however the result is that you can now move onto meat!

Hope this helps, Blessings Family