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Shalom & greetings brothers and sisters:

We would like to invite you to participate in the Hebrew & Bible Academy (History Times)! If you have not yet been a student in the Academy now is a great time to enroll as we are happy to announce SIX brand new lessons never taught before.

The Academy is a 3-month Bible, History and Hebrew language ONLINE course (in which you can interact with others). It includes 12 full weekly lessons and reviews every Sunday from 9:00AM–1:00PM EDT via Ustream. These enhanced classes have been customized to ensure you get the most out of each lesson, which includes PDF booklets, precept breakdowns, handouts for ministering and, downloadable videos of each lesson. Also, if you miss any of the live classes, you will be able to view/download the video clips up until 48 hours of that day’s lesson. Also included is a news segment between the Hebrew class and Bible class by which covers up to date news as it happens and commentary from the Elders.


Other Academy Features

The private Academy will be held live online via Ustream every Sunday at 9:00AM – 1:00PM EDT. (to sign up for Ustream click this link: http://www.ustream.tv/new ).

If you miss any of the live classes, we will automatically email you the downloadable video lesson.

A weekly online quiz is provided to chart your progression and retention of information. At the end of the Academy there is a final examination provided also.


We will also provide full understanding of: How to link precept upon precept, who are the Nations of the Earth today, the Antichrist and Christ Return.

Invite into the upcoming leadership classes where you will learn the correct function of the church according to how it was set-up in Christ’s day. 

Enrollments are now being accepted – Enroll today. Class donation/fee is 150 per person for the full 3-month course and can be paid upfront or in 3 monthly payments of 50 each. If you would like to enroll today please fill in the below contact form.

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What Past Participant’s Say

The academy was incredibly thorough and full of pasion and love. I am grateful for the knowledge, patience and undersanding put forth,truly. Seriously, Thawadah Brothers for all you have done.This was a life shifting experience.Sodom watch was wild (Thanks Brother Mark for all your well researched contributions). The documents are oustanding Elder Lawya. Loved,loved Ancient Hebrew. Dynamic and poignant deliveries of the lessons Elder Rawchaa; you brought the scriptures to LIFE! You so beautifully compelement each other, the balance of your teaching styles. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes who was integral to the success of this academy. You are appreciated!
Thank you Brothers and Elders –
I am happy to be a part of the Academy and happy that I get to support brothers like you that are committed to the work who I love and trust.
I really love the academy so much – I already signed up for the next academy and this will be my 5th Bible Academy in a row!
Brother Rudy, Academy XVIII Graduate
Brother Shapat thank you for your updates on news that is hidden from us. Bless you. Love your presentations and also how Elder Rachaaw brings us through it.
Elders Lawya and Rachaaw …many many thanks for your wisdom and knowledge of our wonderful language. Hope one day we will all be able to speak and understand it…..also the great ,great understanding of our incredible history in Egypt and the African deception. Wow!!! ..You are waking up the world. No institution has ever taught anyone on this level. All praises to the true Name of Ahayah who is bringing us out of Babylonian Egypt.
Bless you for everything that you are giving to us that will prepare us for the coming of Our Savior. We have to now follow the law, statues and commandments that were originally given to us. Thawadah! Thawadah! Thawadah!
Sister Kiji, Academy XIX Participant
Brothers and Sisters @ gocc thanks for some great information that has been given and I am busy studying over the material and making myslef strong in the truth and getting full understanding of what to do, how to do it and what is to come. I have clear direction in my life now rather than being deaf and blind. All praises to the Most High and thank you for his true name, a gift that has helped me know I should call and pray to. Again all praises to the Most High and thank you again for your tremendous effort and the brilliant work you guys are doing the holy spirit dwell amongst you guys and I pray I get the strength and get some wisdom liek you guys.
Excellent; great work Elders.
The academy is a wonderful blessing
Excellent academy, I would suggest making it as mainstream as possible. Replace the current so called education system.
Excellent; I have no suggestions to improve it,just keep doing what you are doing. Thank you so much, may Ahayah bless you and I will see you in Zion.

Upon Academy Completion

All who complete the academy will receive Elder Rawchaa’s personal copy of his Precept booklet and bible breakdown that he used while street preaching in Babylon and a certificate in recognition of completion of the course.

Contact us today to reserve your seat!