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The Master Tonic: The Natural Antibiotic Solution – Four Thieves


As the world becomes more conscious of the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, alternative medicine has gained popularity. In light of this fact, we would like to share an age-old tonic recipe that will help you maintain your health and fight off common illnesses. Since its discovery – which is an interesting tale in itself – the [...]

Drugs vs. Herbs As Medicine: What Does The Bible Say?


Seems today people expect a lot of medicine and their doctors – maybe too much. For some, like my parents, medicine had become some sort of secular religion. They worshiped their doctors. Due to the triumphs of antibiotics, pharmaceutical creations, the ascendancy in life expectancy and highly-touted restorative surgeries, it has lead to the expectation [...]

No-Side-Effect Medicine Cabinet


Today, I share with you the contents of my medicine cabinet. As a young child I had one ear ache after another – and like so many moms in the 50s – mine frequently took me to the doctor where I was prescribed antibiotic after antibiotic. If one didn’t work, they tried another. My senior [...]

Surgeons Admit Mammography is Outdated, Harmful at Best


In 2016, an estimated 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer, 61,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer, and 40,450 breast cancer deaths are expected to be recorded in the United States alone. With the rising rates of breast cancer, mammography has gained popularity globally as the most effective screening technique to detect the most [...]

Thanksgiving Flyer (Spanish)


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FRONT OF THE FLYER CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BACK OF THE FLYER Front                                                                           [...]