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Our Beliefs

Shalom & Blessings,

This is an introduction to our beliefs and teachings:

  • We believe Christ is the way in which mankind should follow in order to receive the Kingdom of the Most High.

  • A body of Christ is not a building, for the spirit of the Most High God cannot be contained in one space. The body of Christ are those who are baptized into his spirit.

  • We are living at a time in which the Most High is gathering the elect to the elect, with our role being a sign proclaiming the truth, showing prophecy, revealing those in power against the elect and spiritual preparation for the last stand with the elect against the forces of evil.

The 12 Lost Tribes of Israel

We believe governments have preyed on the true Israelites since the rise of Rome. These people are the indigenous people of the New World called Indians from North, Central, and South America, (including the Islands of the South Pacific the Diaspora from Jerusalem who were attacked by Romans and fled into Africa in 70 AD, and reside predominantly on the Western Ivory Coast of Africa and dispersed into ghettos of Ethiopia, as well as remnants from Lemba in South Africa, and Sudan in North Africa (who still hold their Hebrew customs to this day). Along with the Negros who went into slavery by means of cargo slave ships in transatlantic slave trade (Negros in America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, West Indies and Brazil). This populace mentioned along with the remnant of the Blacks in Europe from “The Dark Ages” and the Caribbean’s (who were taken into Europe) make up “The 12 Lost Tribes of Israel”.

Eugenics Cleansing

The remnants of the children of Israel dispersed throughout the earth today have suffered the greatest Holocaust in world history. The Holocaust of the North American and South American Indians, the Negros who suffered the oppression of slavery are the targets of the eugenics\ genocide program promoted through the New World Order and this act is described in the bible as “Jacobs Trouble” (Jeremiah Chapter 30).


An Epistle of the Gathering of Christ

We are sending an epistle throughout the world to the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel, which are scattered abroad and to all the Gentiles who believe the true doctrine of Christ by denouncing paganism and are baptized into the fold of Christ, keeping the commandments contained in the Bible.

We welcome Jews as well as Gentiles to partake in this spiritual awakening of the elect so please come in and share this great experience of truth … The New World is at war with the elect of Christ and we must stand for “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”!

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