The Importance Of Prayer & Staying In The Word


Shalom Family We strongly encourage each of you to spend more quality time in prayer with The Most High. Every time we read about Christ's walk we find him in constant prayer. Yet why if he was with the Father and had faith did Christ feel it important to stay in prayer? Let’s ponder on [...]

Getting to Know Ahayah in a Real Way


Would you like to get to know the Most High in deeper more vast ways? Do you want to know how you can grow closer in your Love for the Most High and build a solid foundation in the truth based on understanding and knowledge of the Most High, his Son and his Word? To [...]

Some Insight on Marriage, one Sisters story…


During a wedding shower a friend asked if I could share some insight on marriage and how to keep it together? I started to think of what advice or words of encouragement I may say as I took the question very serious. So I spent some time thinking of what to say and I asked [...]

Are You Out of Sync?


Have you been feeling tired and run down lately?  Are you easily distracted, irritated, and less attentive?  Are you fatigued, have headaches can’t sleep or sleep too much? Are you trying to keep it all together so no one notices?   I can tell if I am in that place again by just looking around [...]

A Beginner’s Journey in the Truth


If any of you have every watched the TV series from 1995 called the ‘Nowhere Man ’, it explores the mind of a man whose life is turned upside down as a mass conspiracy concerning his life begins to unfold. Everything he thought he knew is ripped out from under him and ‘they’ start to [...]

Qam Yasharahla – Rise Israel


The Watson Go to Birmingham 1963: In watching this movie it reminds one of a time when family really meant something. Do you remember that time? Not everyone was born during this time but some were and still remember. The time when all the kids went outside playing in nice clothes; boys looking smart [...]