Spicy White Bean & Chicken Chili

This dish, which cooks in only 20 minutes, is a delicious blend of chicken, white beans and green chiles in a spicy sauce.  

Eat More Coconut Oil Make Coconut Dots!

Consuming more coconut oil is about to get a little easier! Making Dots is super easy and super healthy, they can be made in mass quantity and safely refrigerated for months. All you need is high quality organic coconut oil and ice cube trays with a silicone bottom for easy pop outs. A scant tablespoon of coconut [...]

Crispy, Chewy, Gluten Free Cheese Bread

These little buns of goodness are called pão de queijo are a common snack all over the country of Brazil, eaten at any time of day with a good cup of Brazilian coffee. Not only are they oozing with cheese—the base of tapioca flour makes them gooey, chewy, and good news for anyone with an allergy [...]

How to Make Gourmet French Fries at Home

You can make delicious homemade gourmet french fries very simple and easy !  Make your own fries or buy frozen fires.         

Creamy, Crunchy & Perfectly Sweetened Coleslaw!

You will love this  easy, creamy coleslaw recipe. It’s a great balance of sweetness, creaminess, and vinegary-ness. This recipe doesn’t stray far from the traditional coleslaw ingredients. It’s great the first day you make it but the next day is awesome !  Throw it on some beef, chicken or turkey hot dogs, hamburgers, fish, you [...]

Simple Delicious Turkey Legs

Squash & Ricotta Pasta Bake

Caramelised Glazed Carrots

Sweet & Spicy Chicken On A Can

Zucchini Eggplant Lasagna