Embrace Your Dress!

Shalom my beautiful sisters, daughters of Zion!

Wow where has the time gone? We can’t believe it’s already June! June is a nice month to start planting, prettying up your outdoor space, doing more outdoor activities with the family like picnics, heading to the beach, family gatherings and barbecues.

With summer approaching we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate this article to dressing modestly and wearing dresses. A lot of our sisters have already been focusing on eating naturally healthy, and are no longer relaxing their hair but embracing their beautiful natural hair and we salute you! Along with that a lot of us have also made the decision to no longer wear pants. We made this decision based on the Law given to Moses at Deut 22:5

Deu22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

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Time Waits for no Woman!

Hello again my dear sisters! Are you turning 20, 30, 40, years of age or older? Well do I have some News to share with you!

But where do I start? Well my 20’s were good years spent flowing with dreams, ideas, energy and experience but looking back I see that living in my 20’s did not always prepare me for life in my 30’s. For some our 20’s allowed us to be more lax and less responsible, especially if you lived at home with your parents. Though for others it included college, work and motherhood. However you lived through your 20’s I have to tell you that they do not always prepare you for your 30’s…not even a little bit. In your 20’s you are willing to take so many chances, risk and adventure which could be good to finding yourself at your own pace. But, I have to confess to my dear sisters, 30 is totally a different experience. There are things you find out about yourself and your body that no one else will ever tell you either because they have not made the connection or find out too late. So I AM Magazine is here to support you along the way.

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Daughter of Zion, Walk in Virtue & Faith

It’s not always easy being a women today especially if you are a Daughter of Zion. How do we find our place and balance in this walk? How do we fit into our new found roles? What place do we have? How can we help maintain submission to our husband and/or the leadership of the church?

A lot of us have had these questions at one time or another and are not sure how to express it. We have a lot of skills and talents and we come into this truth with such fire and passion but are not always sure how to find the balance without taking over or worse shutting down? I AM magazine is created for you the Queens of our Nation to help guide and grow you in your journey of truth, faith and building our Nation.

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Stay in the Light!

Shalom my beautiful sisters!

We would like to strongly encourage you to spend more quality time in prayer with God. Every time we read about Christ’s walk we find him in constant prayer. Yet why if he was with the father and had faith did Christ feel it important to stay in prayer? Let’s ponder on that for a moment.

Christ knew full well the Power of Prayer and when he took his disciples to pray in a mountain the scriptures says at “Luk 9:29 And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment was white and glistering.” So from this we see that prayer literally changed Christ! And then what happened? “Luk 9:30 And, behold, there talked with him two men, which were Moses and Elias: Who appeared in glory, and spake of his decease which he should accomplish at Jerusalem.”

So we read here that through prayer Christ was changed and that changed allowed him to see and speak to Elias and Moses and they entered a cloud and the Most High spoke to them.

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Are you Out of Sync? Part II

Shalom our beautiful sisters (and brothers if you are reading this), we cannot believe it has been almost a year since we wrote to you the first article “Are You Out of Sync?” Wow how precious time really does go by! OK so how are we all doing? Did we apply any of the suggestions from the last article over the last year? Hopefully you were able to incorporate a few. If not don’t beat yourself up! It’s a New Year and a New Day so let’s make it count! You probably are not as out of sync as you think, but let’s see…

With our new I AM magazine designed for the daughters of Zion we plan to offer a series of articles on Are you Out of Sync? Each article will focus on one area at a time in which we are out of sync and offer some suggestion that can help make an immediate difference in our lives. So let’s start with where we spend the most of our time… our home.

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Getting to Know Ahayah In A Real Way

Would you like to get to know the Most High in deeper more vast ways? Do you want to know how you can grow closer in your Love for the Most High and build a solid foundation in the truth based on understanding and knowledge of the Most High, his Son and his Word? To love someone is to know them and in order to know them we must spend time with them, observe them and ask lots of questions. Well the same is true for knowing the Most High and growing in love for him.

The more one learns about the Most High, his Son, and his plans for the future the less caught up and concerned you will be about your current situation or issues. Your problems no matter how big will minimize in comparison when you really get to know the Most High, his Son and their sacrifices because you will understand how much bigger GOD’s Plans are than any one person’s argument, financial setback or illness. Understanding this on a deep level will help you put everything in your life in proper perspective.

So would you like to know the mysteries of the bible? Have you ever wanted to know answers to such questions as what is behind the powers of the wind, thunder, lightning and etc.?  Or did you know the whole world history of mankind is inscribed on the heavenly tablets that were dictated to Moses (and Enoch before him) and in the End the heavens will depart as a scroll rolled up (literally) and a new heaven and new earth would come? (Jub 32:2, Rev 6:14)

Fascinating stuff right?! What does it all mean?

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Some Insight on Marriage, one Sisters story…

During a wedding shower a friend asked if I could share some insight on marriage and how to keep it together? I started to think of what advice or words of encouragement I may say as I took the question very serious. So I spent some time thinking of what to say and I asked the Most High how does he want me to answer this question? Through prayer I thought about this long and hard and the reflections from my past failures and lessons learned came to my mind…

See I was married before for many years and I thought I understood marriage and relationships because I had read every book known to man in search of answers and I spent a lot of those years really working on my spirit so that I could be a better person and work hard so my husband would love me the way I wanted to be loved. In doing all of that I still didn’t have the love I needed and I believed at that point my husband was the one who was not willing to grow or change so when I had the scriptural grounds for divorce I ended my marriage.

Several years later I found the Truth and got baptized. Thereafter I met my husband and at the exact moment I met him I knew he was the man the Most High told me I would marry years back. We married with me knowing deep within that he was the Man I would fulfill my destiny with until the ends of time. I followed my spirit and I dedicated myself to Ahayah and my husband and together we set out to serve him.

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Are You Out Of Sync

out of sync 1Have you been feeling tired and run down lately? Are you easily distracted, irritated, and less attentive? Are you fatigued, have headaches can’t sleep or sleep too much? Are you trying to keep it all together so no one notices?

I can tell if I am in that place again by just looking around my house. The first sign is the chair in my bedroom where clothes have piled up, and then it moves into the bathroom where my products are all over the place and oh and the big indicator is my closet… once the clothes start to become a big heap and I can’t find anything I know I am in that place again. What place is this? The place where everything has gone to pot and everything in your life is upside down and where you are no longer in tune with your inner self. And you are OUT OF SYNC!

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Rise Israel

The Watson Go to Birmingham 1963: 


In watching this movie it reminds one of a time when family really meant something. Do you remember that time? Not everyone was born during this time but some were and still remember. The time when all the kids went outside playing in nice clothes; boys looking smart with their button up shirts and iron trouser and girls in pretty dresses their natural hair in innocent braids and pony tails with big ribbons. Where most moms stayed home, nurture the family, kept it spotless and designed handmade curtains and slip covers, prepared meals from scratch, baked fresh pies and encouraged the creative side of the family.

Do you remember when Sunday dresses were made at home and mom would ask what dress pattern you wanted her to make? Do you remember a time when mom would not let you do your own hair and she would wash, comb and set it until you were in your early teens? Do you remember when the whole block would come over looking sharp for Sunday brunch? Sure they imposed the false Sunday worship on us but there was something special that happened when families came together during these times.

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