The Watson Go to Birmingham 1963:

In watching this movie it reminds one of a time when family really meant something. Do you remember that time? Not everyone was born during this time but some were and still remember. The time when all the kids went outside playing in nice clothes; boys looking smart with their button up shirts and iron trouser and girls in pretty dresses their natural hair in innocent braids and pony tails with big ribbons. Where most moms stayed home, nurture the family, kept it spotless and designed handmade curtains and slip covers, prepared meals from scratch, baked fresh pies and encouraged the creative side of the family.

 Do you remember when Sunday dresses were made at home and mom would ask what dress pattern you wanted her to make? Do you remember a time when mom would not let you do your own hair and she would wash, comb and set it until you were in your early teens? Do you remember when the whole block would come over looking sharp for Sunday brunch after church? Sure they imposed the false Sunday worship on us but there was something special that happened when families came together during these times.

Do you remember the time when Dad’s really were the head of the house and life just didn’t feel safe when he wasn’t around? Dad would come home after work and we would all eat dinner together as a family and all the kids couldn’t wait for their turn to tell him about their day and afterwards he’d help us with our homework and tuck us in for the night. He was the kind of father that could be proud to say “I Am a Man”. This was a time when children were polite, well mannered and would say yes mama and thank you mama, can I help you set the table mama….

Where is the Black family today? Are they building each other up? Gathered around a puzzle or perhaps watching a family movie with popcorn, laughing and joking together? This movie is to remind us of that time. Who we were and where we came from. When children were brave to march and were arrested fighting for justice and freedom, where brothers defended their sisters and honored their parents. Yes the movie was created by Hollywood but once you throw out the bones it’s a good example of how most black families really lived when left alone from Jim Crow laws and oppression. They were what most in America was and still is so afraid of. A real black family, strong and built on the principles of love, spirituality and responsibility. Intelligent men and woman whom one day would rule the world. It’s the reason why they campaigned so hard to remove the Black man from the home and replace him with government food stamps and in turn the government became husband and father.

Back then families really did spend time together, worshiped together, read together, lend a helping hand to their neighbors, played games in which they created, set the table for dinner and if one had a problem it was the whole family’s problem, no one was left to deal with an issue alone. That was real and what is missing from our society today.

Today we are left with divorced parents both working or not working at all, sisters taking brothers to court, brothers giving sisters a reason to; youths in jails wearing their pants down their butts and young girls with too little clothes on with weave down their backs instead of our black hair being allowed to be what it is …beautiful. We’ve allowed every other country to come in our neighborhoods and sell us goods. We stopped owning and building our own businesses and homes and allowed drugs to take over what was once respected neighborhoods. We’ve made it ashamed to have children and when we do we allow schools to determine their future. We stopped parenting and allowed TV to train our children. The spirit of independence, “do you” and “get yours” mentality is now the norm and same sex marriages have replaced a Mother and father.

So the question again is where is the Black family today? Is it gone forever? The choice is up to us we can let it die or we can set the example and bring back the traditions of our forefathers and be leaders in our homes and communities. There should be no shame in being a Black Man or a Black Woman. Our sisters can build their husbands spirits to inspire the King in him and be a shield against the elements and forces of the world that want to destroy him altogether. Our brothers can encourage our sisters to carry themselves with their heads held high in a dignified manner being proud to play a key role in building and keeping the family together. Encouraging our sisters to be Queens of our Nation by changing the thinking of our children and keeping them active and away from mind deteriorating video games and constant TV. Raising fine daughters as princesses, who are smart, can play an instrument, draw, sing, dance, sew, cook and dress elegantly…all the importance of being good care givers. Fathers teaching son’s to have confidence in themselves as the real Prince of the earth. Teaching them how to be warriors, hunt, fish, swim and fight to protect the home and the importance’s of treating their sister’s as Princesses.

The keys to Israel rising as a Nation lie’s in keeping together the oldest institution created in the Heavens by the Most High – Marriage and the Family.

Will you fight for it?