Hormone Disrupting Chemical Banned in EU Found in 50 Top US Snacks

3rd November 2015 A recent study by Harvard School of Public Health says a widely used chemical used in US food products causes fertility issues, yet it is still allowed to be used. While the US Food and Drug Administration declares this synthetic food additive is “generally recognized as safe, or GRAS,” the European Union’s [...]

Eat More Coconut Oil Make Coconut Dots!

Consuming more coconut oil is about to get a little easier! Making Dots is super easy and super healthy, they can be made in mass quantity and safely refrigerated for months. All you need is high quality organic coconut oil and ice cube trays with a silicone bottom for easy pop outs. A scant tablespoon of coconut [...]

Mushroom & chickpea burgers

This really is a delicious and healthy veggie burger. The mushrooms give so much flavor and you will hardly miss meat.