A Beginner’s Journey in the Truth

>>A Beginner’s Journey in the Truth

A Beginner’s Journey in the Truth

If any of you have every watched the TV series from 1995 called the ‘Nowhere Man ’, it explores the mind of a man whose life is turned upside down as a mass conspiracy concerning his life begins to unfold. Everything he thought he knew is ripped out from under him and ‘they’ start to psychologically mess with his mind to get him to question his own reality. As you journey with him you start to relate with him and you think –‘Trust no one. They’re all in on it!’

It’s reminiscent of being new to the truth. We can all remember that day vividly when the course of our life changed. When we found out who we were as a nation and that everything we thought we knew about our faith and this world was one big illusion and conspirator lie! Immediate isolation hits, as your eyes are opened and yet everyone else you encounter is still in deep slumber.

Initial Reactions

puzzleFor some, you take in the information and put all the jigsaw pieces in place and you get a sense of peace because you knew something wasn’t right with the world and the truth has finally set things straight. For others you need a time out from life to process this all, you look at the video you watched or the person who revealed it to you with a sceptical brow and squinted eyes  thinking , ‘No way will I be lied to again, I need to make sure this is the real deal!’

Patience and Timing

patienceWhichever way you react to it, it all needs some level of adjustment and coping mechanisms. You might want to tell every single person you know about what you discovered, but think about this, you were primed in advance by the Father to cope with the bombshell that was dropped on you. So not everyone is going to be ready because you want them to be, nor will they all see what you see instantaneously. Don’t force this truth on anyone, it speaks for itself. So try not to get discouraged, we have all been there. It’s not only about speaking the truth but knowing when to say it, because no matter how true it is, if it is not a word in season it will not be as well received.

Choose your bait

baitYou need to be cunning as a serpent and harmless as a dove, know who you’re talking to and what their bait is. Relate to them on their level, show them the conspiracy in something they are passionate about then bring it full circle gradually depending on their interest.



You want to drop everything!

flightSome want to quit their job immediately, quit college a week before finals, hop on a plane quickly out of dodge, but take a moment. Understand that we all encounter the end of the world daily, because you never know what hour or day the Father will require your life. So your primary focus should be preparing spiritually, getting baptised, following the laws in the spirit of Christ, praying and asking for guidance on your next steps to physically obey what has been revealed to you. So be patient and wait for an opportunity for the way forward to be shown to you.

The breakdown

breakdownIt happens with many of us, the fullness of the conspiracies, lies and the desolate state of our people hits you. You also feel the weight of the sin of your foreparents who grieved the Most High by their spiritual fornication and you confess their faults and yours and that of the nation and breakdown in tears out of heavy sorrow. Remember, this was the constant state of the prophets from Ezra to Jeremiah, they all put on sack cloth and ashes and lamented over the sin and condition of their people.  You might also feel anger or outrage towards your persecutors and to those being used by satan to control this world. It is important to realise that our sin led us to this point and only by returning to the Father can we be restored and find peace.

Isolation and people thinking screws are lose

isolationYou’ve now told all the people you know about this conspiracy, you’ve had everyone give you the crazy looks, they’re starting to think you have mental issues, like the preacher types we all grew up seeing on the street warning that the end was here! They’re thinking …‘Aha this is how it all starts then’. Don’t question your sanity, hold tight to the seed that was first sown in you and fight to let it germinate grow and give fruit. You’re not crazy!

How to cope and where your focus should be

studyYou first need to build yourself up spiritually. Throw yourself into the bible, classes and communion with likeminded people. We were not created to be isolated so don’t start now. It’s all about building your foundation and making sure it’s built on rock because you need to prepare yourself for the challenges that Satan will bring to try to rob you of what was sown. So guard it diligently, try not to get too caught up in YouTube commentary with naysayers, and precept battles with people on Facebook and social media, and try to stay focused on the teachings where you first learned this truth to build yourself in sound doctrine. This page is a good place to start on the website. You could’ve watched all the videos and seek more; more new knowledge or understanding, but do you understand the basic principles of Christ that are the pre-requisite to making it? You may be looking for the next Hebrew book outside bible but do you understand and know the 66 contained in the bible? The Academy helps systematically deprogram all the lies and replace it with truth and provides you with a chronology of our history and scripture. You’re a new born in the truth,  a sponge and that’s ok but always link it back to what you would expect from a new baby. Take baby steps. You could be trying to run before you can crawl and you  can become discouraged when adversity hits you.


raceThis is a long distance marathon and not a sprint. We all want to endure till the end to make it into the kingdom but it’s not an easy road, temptation will be strong after baptism, not seeing prophecy fulfilled in ‘your time frame’ may have you questioning but remember our foreparents and how they prophesied back then 100s of years before the judgement came. As stated earlier, the end of the world in death could happen at any time, so endure and stay on the road and don’t turn back like Lot’s wife.

So everything you are feeling, we have all gone through, think of it as teething pain; necessary and it may hurt however the result is that you can now move onto meat!

Hope this helps, Blessings Family



  1. Taimiea Moore
    Taimiea Moore March 29, 2017 at 6:41 pm

    Very encouraging words

  2. Msvette
    Msvette March 6, 2017 at 1:05 am

    Shalom, my brothers and sisters, I’m new in this faith and often feel alone I’m reaching out to someone to converse with on different matters on the faith. I’m looking for maybe a congregation in my area or where someone may meet. I’m in Tulsa,ok if there is someone out there that would reach out PLEASE DO!!!!

  3. Abelm484
    Abelm484 February 12, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    All praises due the Most High Ahaya in the mighty name of Yashaya! Glory to his name im so happy to announce that today was my last Sunday worship I told my senior pastor its a wrap! Im done following pagan traditions it makes me feel very uncomfortable in my spirit. Everyone is saying how I have changed as well Im so happy with the Work Yashaya has been doing with me that my inside is screaming out His Kingdom and being the beacon of Light I am called to be. Just want to give a quick shout out to elders Rawchaa and Elder Lawyaa for their great work and efforts dispuraing the truth to the nations as well as the other brothers putting in work dipursing the truth aswell I do appologize I dont know their names yet but will soon get to know them soon Shalom and Blessings I hope this post encourages you i your journey and may the Most High Keep you Blessings and Shalom my beloved

  4. Vionce apik
    Vionce apik January 13, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Shalom brothers and sisters! I am new and from my teen days, have always wondered where we actually came from. I’ve watched camps from, isupk, iuic, gms, for a little over 2yrs, as well as gocc, I found myself camp hopping, very confused I was, even with all the confusions gocc stood out for me, and after watching some you tube channels about the 12 lost tribes of Israel from gocc! got my attention, realizing I could be from the lost tribes, In between then and now, I recently came across some you tube channels from gocc south pacific, maybe 8 month ago, still confused, and still watching other camps, I decided to accept! I was still going to try to follow TMHs laws, that I maybe saved, even as a servant to TMHs chosen people, I researched more into gocc south pacific, I came across there camps in Australia churches on every corner – Baptism – Melbourne – Australia, and other countries, but still couldn’t find any camps in New Zealand, and the only hope I thought I had was to continue in my walk alone, with the guidance of gocc you tube channels, Not realizing the answer was right in front of me all the time, via gocc.org. I no longer camp hop thanks to the elders from gocc, and elder Rawchaa, and first n for-most much love and thanks to our heavenly father AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH for bringing myself and all the brothers n sisters n family this far into the truth. All Praise AHAYAYH BAHASHEM YASHAYAH WA RUWACH

    • Vionce apik
      Vionce apik January 13, 2017 at 3:12 pm

      I forgot to mention my search for a connection was made via gocc.org and I now have brothers n sisters n family to meet with now for maybe a month, truly a blessing all praise AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH

  5. Shalonda Tabron
    Shalonda Tabron December 16, 2016 at 6:49 am

    I watch Gocc everyday after work on YouTube I thank the Most High for giving me the ear to hear and I have learn a lot from them so all praises to the Most High for them be blessed Gocc

  6. Swanlake
    Swanlake December 7, 2016 at 3:30 am

    right, now all i do is cry. I have no one that believe me they think im crazy and i dont sleep well. I have no one to go through this with.

  7. Shalonda Tabron
    Shalonda Tabron November 27, 2016 at 1:32 am

    My husband been listening to gocc for a while it’s hard for me to catch on to it because I have people telling me he leading me the wrong way but being the person that I am I choose to follow my husband I want to learn the truth do any one have something I can read to get me on the right path

    • Kashar Selema
      Kashar Selema December 6, 2016 at 1:33 am

      Sister read the above message. And ask your husband. Be obxient to him if he is wat hing the videos watch with him

  8. Melissa
    Melissa November 19, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    This was very helpful and encouraging. Thank you so much. Shalawam

  9. Michel Raya
    Michel Raya September 27, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    This article is very important….I didn’t knew it was there……but came to the site looking for words of peace and advice to keep my troubled mind. It is also very encouraging reading the brothers and sisters comments. Reminds you, we’re not alone in this fight. All praise be to the Most High Ahaya in the name of Yashaya for the work being done by the gathering Christ Church. Shalom brothers and sisters.

  10. Jehohanan (John) Webb
    Jehohanan (John) Webb September 10, 2016 at 7:51 am

    I almost get upset it took me do long to get to this point, but I give all thanks and praise to THE FATHER that i am here. I will hate sin forever for what it did to me, and what it has and is doing to us. I look forward to the day of our LORD AND SAVIOR, when HE shall have HIS revenge. I look forward to each new day we have until then to get, and be, and stay prepared for HIS coming. I will forever praise the name of the MOST HIGH! AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH! And i am eternally in awe and in love with our KING and SAVIOR YASHAYA!!!

  11. Sonya Craig
    Sonya Craig June 22, 2016 at 5:41 am

    What a blessing this space has been to me today… wish I had found it sooner. I’m so grateful for GOCC but admit that not having my family’s support is discouraging. Not so discouraging that I want to throw in the towel, praise the Most High but still disappointing. I appreciate reading “the journey”… very helpful on a day that I need a little encouragement. All praises to the Most High.

  12. Rai Blunt
    Rai Blunt June 19, 2016 at 6:23 am

    This is a very needful & useful article. I was needing some guidance for those asking questions as they’re observing my renewed zeal and walk with Christ. Some don’t understand, but that’s normal for me. In studying with GOCC in my first Academy experience, it’s a bit overwhelming! But I love it! Growth is good. Please keep up the good work!

    Love, support & prayers!

  13. Hebrewwoman
    Hebrewwoman May 3, 2016 at 8:45 am


  14. Jhaye W.
    Jhaye W. April 28, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    Praise the Most High for blessing me with this awakening and this truth. It has been a trying 8 months in the truth so far, but I know that through Ahayah and Yashaya, I will continue to be okay and keep pressing forward in faith. TMH is always right on time and I pray He continues to bless everyone in the truth and those who have not found it yet. Shalom!

  15. Angelita Jackson
    Angelita Jackson April 25, 2016 at 10:33 am

    I want to thank the Most High for letting my see the truth. I was attending a nondenominational christian church and things just didn’t seem quite right and my spirit had feeling that maybe I’m not in the right place. I met this person and heard him say the Most High Name Ahayah asher Ahayah and he also told me to try praying in His name and I did. I also had googled it and I came across the videos and it all made since to me and in my spirit. I was blown away about finding out that I belong to one of the 12 tribes of Israel and finding out about the Most High name. And the Holy Bible is all I need to know in finding my true identity. Everything is from the scripture and is explained very well and it clear. And in shock of how we been lied to all these years and being very lead astray. Because church is not church anymore its basically been turned into a business a job and holding titles. I never want to go back to that. I know this is not going to be a easy walk cause I know some of my family members are going to say that I not going in the right way and be discouraging. Things just seem clearer and not that much of confusion on what the Word is actually saying.I want to be baptized in the Name of The Most High Ahayah asher Ahayah and the Son Yashaya and the Holy Spirit so I can be identified by the Most High. Um I’m feeling emotional right now and I’m glad I had stomach up the courage to speak about it . Um I just want to learn as much as I can and always be in the arms of the Most High.
    Shalom and blessings to you all

  16. Terry Hinton JR
    Terry Hinton JR April 3, 2016 at 8:45 am

    I want to thank the most high. For given and sparing my life. With the help of the GOCC. I’m beginning to see things clearly. My thought process to reality is materializing to fill the void. I’ve been missing for years.

  17. Donnybrown
    Donnybrown January 6, 2016 at 5:11 am

    All praises to the Most High, I can’t tell you how this teaching has changed my life, they said I was HIV 25 years ago, and I really thought I was because I was heavy into IV drug use and just living a risky life, however, I was raised as a Christian all my life , grandmother kept us in church all the time, sang in the choir for years. Thought I was saved, but didn’t have a clue about any of the true word of the Most High other than what was taught in church. I was so deceived. I started watching the videos from GOCC and I tell you my eyes were opened to the point where the Most High delivered me from drugs, chasing women my marriage is totally changed for the better, My wife and I really have a relationship now, she’s coming around to the teachings more and more everyday. My doctor told me the meds was not really helping me, after watching some teachings about how they plan to kill us through HIV as part of the way to wipe out the 12 tribes, I told the doctor that’s it no more meds for me I went to a all natural clinic the put me on all natural supplements put back in my body all the important minerals that the medication was robbing me of, I started gaining weight, my skin color came back the way its supposed to be my energy level is through the roof, I’m in the gym 3 times a week and I feel better than I have in years. All praises to the Most High. I’m going to start the Academy very soon can’t wait. People are asking me what did I do to change. I did what the Most High told me to do . I turn from my wicked ways and he healed my land. I’m learning more and more every day, all I do is watch, and study the videos on YouTube everyday sometimes all day. but like what was suggested by GOCC I’m taking baby steps, however I’m taking steps. and I am learning so much. Thank You so much for the truth. Much Love Bro. Donny see you in class.

  18. Yonder
    Yonder January 5, 2016 at 4:37 am

    I’m very familiar with the false church we called Christianity. My Spirit has been unsettling for Quite sometimes. All tho I have taught the white man theology class those lessons didn’t add up. I been searching for more truth for a very long time. I believe The Most High has answer my prayers. Once I re-gain back my full spirituality I will like to open my home here in Columbus Ohio to other truth seekers. Whatever it will take to please the Most High God I willing to do it.

  19. Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker December 31, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    shalom elders, bro & sis I’m so glad and blessed to know!! that I’m re-awakening!! to the truth! of the most high.! cause I had fallen asleep! for quite! some time. and so, I just want to give thanks! to the most! high! AHAYAH! for gradually putting that spirit! of seeking my way, my life! back!! into his word.!! amen. bro. Anthony… from some where! in this! place! they call Elizabeth! new jersey. shalom! family. say a strong! prayer! 4 me.! bro.& sis.

  20. Amrenkin
    Amrenkin December 28, 2015 at 2:31 am

    Shalom brothers and sisters! I not even sure if I’m new to the walk or not which is a bad place to be. My husband has been studying for about 5 months and has opened my eyes to alot of things,but I still feel very spiritually disconnected when it comes to what he says. I tried going to study with him, but the people’s house he goes to is very unsettling and I felt very unwanted. I plan to watch classes through GOCC. Hoping to learn as much as I can.

  21. Dgaines64
    Dgaines64 December 26, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    I am new to this truth. Although raised in a Christian background our family was and still is dysfunctional and dissected due in-part to practiced religious teachings (JW). I am ostracized/shunned because I do not adhere to the family “religion” so I’m alone in my quest for the True God. I have been reading through the website for a few weeks and in doing so have found inner peace. However, I would like to fellowship with other sisters who are trying to learn and grow. This is a new desire because typically I stay away from people; prefer to be alone. So, if there are brothers in the Philadelphia area teaching this Truth, please reply because I truly want to learn more on how to please and bring honor to the Most High.


  22. Kea MX
    Kea MX November 25, 2015 at 12:55 am


    I am also new to this truth in terms of its detail and destruction of the current deception in Christian churches and the world. I always had questions but no answers until now. You are right, there are many who are talking about this conspiracy against the children of God, I let the Spirit choose and it chose GOCC. Have not been going to our Christian church a long time now because I simply refused to entertain something clearly contrary even to the common KJ bible. My mother has been fasting and praying for me to go back to church stating we were made for fellowship with other believers which is true! But I refused to go against by inner faith and merely settle for what I queried and doubted simply to make my mother happy. I believed my Heavenly Father will lead me home to true worship and so it happened I stumbled into the true Hebrew videos on a Sunday morning while I was searching for self help videos illuminati videos just two weeks ago. My mother is very spiritual, a prayer warrior, and even now she prays and fast that I go to her church, and when I told her about this new truth I found on the Internet, she started reprimanding me not to fall into these “Jihadist teachings” LOOOL! sorry that just cracked me up because even now she is proper serious, very worried I am becoming Jihadist, I blame her friends as well. Lol, anyway I pray she see the truth, she loves our Heavenly Father I trust He will reveal even more Himself to us. Thank you for your faith in Ahayah! Otherwise where would the rest of us be but still in the dark!

  23. Mister3115
    Mister3115 November 14, 2015 at 3:32 am

    Everything in “The Beginners Journey” describes what and how I have been feeling and what I’ve learned in recent weeks,
    I have always felt like something was missing in my spiritual life even though I grew up in church , from baptist then on to Cogic , which was better, even so still something was missing even though I was born and raised in America, I always felt like I did not belong here, the first time I heard the truth I knew and felt it was the truth now I can’t get enough , being new to the truth I ask you brothers and sisters to pray my strength in my spiritual journey thank you Elders for the awakening.

    All Praises to Ahayha Bahashem Yashayah

  24. Popeye75
    Popeye75 September 28, 2015 at 11:18 am

    I’m trying hard to end my confusion or hesitation. I grew up in a unbalanced family but I did receive the teaching of morals and values. I have been watching gocc videos now for the past week and I feel like the way some describe winning the lottery or something of the sort. I am a barber of 23 years have spoken with many walks of life and heard many different testimonies. I desire to be obedient by any means so I strive and seek those of the Most High. I still have a long journey ahead and I’m not turning around. The reverse in this vessel has been slipping away as needed and I only want to learn more do more and help more. I’m very much a baby in Christ.

  25. Judah Nikita
    Judah Nikita September 8, 2015 at 4:20 am

    Shalom brothers and sisters I am very new to this and everything that was stated up there just described exactly what IV been feeling . it’s so hard being awake and seeing the onces around you are still asleep . this is definitely helped alot , I need to take baby steps because IV definitely jumped all the way in and o want to make sure I am reading the right information and not opinions … And telling everyone is something IV bee sting doing IV been called crazy by someone I thought was my best friend for years … But I know that he has just fell victim to the wickedness. All praise to the most high . I got such a peace and comfort now to know I’m not the only one going thru these things .

  26. Beethoven Ermilus
    Beethoven Ermilus June 6, 2015 at 4:38 am

    Thank you All Praise To The MOST HIGH AHAYA BAHASHAM YASHAYA WA RAWACH for you elders i was lost out there i didnt know were to go until i found this… It help me alot and give me alot of undestanding on how the MOST HIGH work. Tawadah

  27. Rebecca Williams
    Rebecca Williams May 12, 2015 at 3:19 am

    Shalom brothers and sisters, I’m very new into the truth for about a year now. I know it’s hard doing this alone cause not everyone are willing to accept this as truth. My main concern is getting the correct information because there are some who give conflicting info that I’m not feeling as truth. I’ve always known since I was 10 I was connected spiritually with different things happening throughout my life prophetically. I’m not saying that I’m a prophet but the things that happened were on a spiritual level that was amazing to me but yet devastating. I want to be able to teach my children more about this so they can understand it the way that I am. I thank you GOCC for this site and I pray that The Most High help guide me in the right direction continually. Shalom

    • Gadtribe1968
      Gadtribe1968 July 3, 2015 at 12:16 am

      I feel the exact same way. I feel this is me writing this statement. So now I know that God is sending me this right way this time, and not me being a follower of man. Thank you for this post. God will send us where he needs for us to be. Shalom

  28. Beisrael Waite
    Beisrael Waite March 11, 2015 at 3:52 am

    Shalom brothers and sisters please don’t give up this is the most high truth,I have been in this truth for abou 2yrs you can’t come to this truth and turn back now, you are right there.the most high did not bring you this close to lose you. Christ is the way
    Read Hosea 4:6 , Psalms 83:2-4 then read all of Psalms 83 just so you can get a good understanding and Hebrews 9:27-28 we are in the time of Revelation 22:7 John 6:38-39 Romans 11:13 John 6:40 John 14: 14-15 I pray theses Scriptures keep you strong and may the most high continue to bless the Elders and family of Gocc. Keep this truth coming.
    Qam Yasharahla- rise Israel

  29. Lcavitt
    Lcavitt March 4, 2015 at 7:41 am

    All I can say is that this article; “A Beginner’s Journey in the Truth” is absolutely beautiful! Thawadah to whomever wrote it.

    LaChaama Kalah

  30. LittleLight007
    LittleLight007 January 16, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Yea I definitely feel this way. I want to quit my job it’s so robotic and draining. I deal with people on the phone on Rx medications. I want to know more and talk about this with people but I don’t have any friends that care about the truth. So I’m quite lonely. I don’t know what to do besides trust in the Lord setting me free and bringing people into my life with like minds

    • SonChild
      SonChild January 31, 2015 at 10:11 am

      Shalom brothers and sisters! I first want to say that since I have been learning I have been awakened and I find My self feeling guilty if I do something that may offend The Most High! At the same time I feel closer each day to The Most High! I see an view the world much different before things were blurry and and my understanding was different. It is not easy breaking away from things I liked to do in this life but I feel as though The Most High has brought me to this point in my life! I am grateful for the church on Sunday morning as without it I would have never searched for the truth I always felt it was out there now I study daily! I know the Sabbath is Saturday not Sunday and that I should keep my eyes on The Most High! I give all praises To Ahayah Bahashem Yashayah! Shalom!

      • Aliveinchrist34_5
        Aliveinchrist34_5 November 10, 2015 at 8:31 am

        Come out of Sunday worship brother,the lords wants you to honour his day of worship .worshiping on any other day would be breaking one of the most highs laws.Shalom bro.!

    • Nikki Smith
      Nikki Smith February 2, 2015 at 8:21 pm

      I just read your comment! I thought I was the only one who felt that way! Also I don’t have anyone, family or friends, who seem to want to know the truth. I will pray that the Most High sends people in your life that want to know truth and can edify you and help you in your growth. I hope that you do the same for me!

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