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This page will illustrate proper and standardized street preaching protocols and formalities. In order to assure the event runs fluid and problem free we will go over important points in categorical fashion:


Street preaching or “Evangelizing” is a powerful and compelling outlet for spreading the gospel and a lost art in these last days. The Gathering of Christ Church Elders has put together a concise list of standard rules that are expected to be followed while out street preaching. These rules should be strictly adhered to due to several reasons, one in specific being the most obvious, the church is being represented when you conduct these street preaching events, the image of the church is very important and should be upheld to the highest standards. Let’s begin to review the above mentioned rules:

  • Time:

The event should start at the time set! We all understand things happen were making a specific time is not always feasible, but we should not make tardiness a habit.

  • Preparation:

If you are either a speaker, reader, guard or a brother passing out pamphlets and or other forms of information, it should be everyone’s obligation to be prepared as per your specific role/task. Elder/Deacons should set the precedence and follow up on preparedness or lack thereof.

  • Order:

The most vital element of doing everything possible to orchestrate a successful street preaching event is ORDER. Order in every facet is crucial. First and foremost the set-up of the “stage” of the street preaching site should be neat and organized; posters (if applicable) should be set up in a visible fashion if possible. The brothers in the line should not exceed more than 5. There MUST only be ONE speaker and ONE speaker alone (speaker must be an Elder, Deacon or someone who the church has ordained seasoned enough to speak), The church will NOT permit brothers to deviate from this rule. More than one speaker will lead to confusion in the process of trying to edify those in attendance and also present an unorganized image of the church. On both sides of the speaker, there should be two capable readers, brothers who have proven to their reading and articulating ability (this is important). Two additional brothers (if applicable) should be on the “wing” ready to either divert unruly individuals or pass out flyers/pamphlets. If there are additional brothers, guards should be set up on the perimeter of the vicinity can be set at the appropriate locations.

  • Laws of the land:

Brothers, as we all should know, we are in our captivity, there are rules that are in place that may prohibit us from speaking in public in certain areas and or using amplifying devices. Bottom line, follow these laws. Do not act out when you are shut down or prohibited, simply find a more suitable location to speak.

  • Attire:

Brothers are expected to dress in all white attire, from the mitres to the sneakers (if possible), the alternative would be white top with khakis or blue jeans. No shirts with symbolic imagery or an obscene picture. If you do not have means or acquiring white apparel, please contact the Elders/Deacons in your respective areas.

  • Final:

In closing, street preaching or “public evangelizing “is not something for the faint of heart. There will be situations you will run into where you will be tested on many levels. These events are a great way to gain experience in handling tense situations, public speaking, maintaining order and sharpening your spiritual sword. Please remember to remain calm and in the spirit, always be patient and apt to teach for it is the spirit that will be with you.

Luke 21:15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

May the Most High and the spirit of his son Yashaya be with you all in your outings, Shalom!

The Elders of the Gathering of Christ Church