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Shalom Brothers & Sisters

We will be posting details of the systematic agenda to enslave and destroy our people; documents, documentaries, lectures and interviews of people in our history and our present.

It is important that we know who we are so that we can serve our Power Ahayah in spirit and in truth. It is also important that we appreciate how all of our people scattered throughout the four corners of the world have suffered so that we are better equipped to wake up our nation and be the salt of the earth again.

This page is designed to inspire, motivate and educate us on Our Struggle, Our History, Our Fall and Our Rise…Qam Yasharahla.


“2 Baruch 72:2  After the signs have come, of which you were told before, when the nations become turbulent, and the time of My Messiah is come, he shall both summon all the nations, and some of them he shall spare, and some of them he shall slay.3 These things therefore shall come upon the nations which are to be spared by Him. 4 Every nation, which knows not Israel and has not trodden down the seed of Jacob, shall indeed be spared. 5 And this because some out of every nation shall be subjected to your people. 6 But all those who have ruled over you, or have known you, shall be given up to the sword”