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GOCNETWORK: We are excited to be able to offer a new service

For those looking to advertise their businesses within the body or who want to support nation building!

Our Objective

couple laptop 3Every day we seek services from others and we believe it’s time we start Nation building from within. We can do this by working together and this platform is the first steps to achieving this goal.

Our ultimate goal is to bring Israel together so we can be self-sufficient, own land, build our own communities and teach our children while we still have time to do so and we believe GOCNETWORK is a good place to start.

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What we can offer your business

  • We will advertise your business on our website (with logo, contact details and link to your website).
  • We will provide a comments section for reviews from those who have used your services
  • Your business name will be mentioned on selected GOC Blogtalk radio broadcasts during commercial segments. Our GOC Blogtalk Radio shows average over 10,000 listeners each week!

At an additional cost

  • We can also offer 1 minute commercial time with your own pre-recorded infomercial during our radio broadcasts.

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We will work with you to advertise your business! Qam Yasharahla

Whether you have an existing business or want to start a new one this is the site to advertise it on!!!


Our radio broadcasts and GOCNetwork Businesses will be published on our our main Youtube page.


The GOCNETWORK & Business directory pages will be advertised on selected radio broadcasts via Ustream.

GOC Website

Your business banner will be displayed on the GOC Network website page

BlogTalk Radio

We will mention your business name and product/service on our radio broadcasts.

How to sign up and advertise with us

If you are interested in advertising your business on our website we are now offering a monthly membership of $25 for each month you want to advertise. Complete the contact form below including a sample banner and your website link if you have one.

To advertise your business fill in this form to get in touch with us today!