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These consist of the so-called “Negro” tribes of the Nation of Israel (Jer. 14:2), who predominately came from West Africa to America and the Caribbean islands by way of cargo slave ships (Deut. 28:68; Joel. 3:1-6;). Large populations of Judah, Benjamin and Levi still exist in areas of Africa such as Morocco, Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Léon, Nigeria, Timbuktu, Ethiopia, Egypt, and many areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. These tribes remained in the land of Jerusalem until the siege of 70 AD by Vespasian and his son Titus. Over a Million Jews fled into Africa fleeing from Roman persecution (see From Babylon to Timbuktu pg. 84; Luke 21:20-22; Rev. chap 12). They remained in Africa for about 1400 years before being found and sold by the Arabs and indigenous Hamitic tribes into the hands of the predominately Jewish slave merchants (Read: Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews). Many records have documented the history of the “Negro” tribes such as: From Babylon to Timbuktu by Rudolph R. Windsor, Hebrewism in West Africa by Joseph J. Williams, Judea Trembles Under Rome by Rudolph R. Windsor, Nature Knows No Color Line by J.A. Rodgers, along with many other historical records.